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  • Over 46,000 whales have been killed since the whaling ban in 1986 

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  • In 2012 over 280,000 tons of sharks were reported caught globally. That’s roughly the weight over 2000 fully grown blue whales.

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  • Some fishing techniques used to catch tuna and prawns kill hundreds of thousands of sea turtles each year.

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  • Over 150 million seahorses are taken from the ocean each year for use in Traditional Medicine.

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  • Around a quarter of fish caught around the world each year is thrown overboard dead because it is unwanted.

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  • It is estimated that between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are produced around the world each year. Less than 10% of these are recycled.

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  • Coral reefs are a vital home for over 25% of marine life, yet they cover less than 0.25% of the ocean floor. Most coral reefs are unprotected. 

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