Combating Overfishing

The SEA LIFE Trust is a conservation charity working to put an end to overfishing and destructive fishing methods and to help people make sustainable choices when buying seafood.

Find out why overfishing is a problem.


5 things you can do to help

You and the things you buy can really help with our sustainable seafood mission:

Stay Sustainable

  • Make sure you only buy sustainably sourced seafood. 

Check the evidence

  • Don't be tricked by unreliable labelling. Some packaging and menus use terms such as 'sustainably fished' and 'responsibly sourced' to sell their products without having any evidence to back it up. Look for reliable certification such as the Marine Stewardship Council logo. 

Try something new!

  • Give the usual suspects such as cod, tuna and prawns a break. Be adventurous and try some fish you've never had before.

Eat a variety

  • As well as trying new seafood, be sure to mix things up and vary your diet. This helps to take the pressure off the most sought-after species and helps to reduce bycatch (where other species get caught up in fishing nets unintentionally).

Go organic

  • If you are buying farmed fish, look for organically farmed products.

Where next?

Continue exploring more about our marine conservation work and discover how you can get involved with our charity.

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