The SEA LIFE Trust is a registered marine conservation charity campaigning globally to protect sharks from the threat of finning and unsustainable fishing.

We want to put an end to the overexploitation of sharks and not only save these incredible creatures but help maintain balance in the ocean ecosystems on which we depend.

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4 things you can do to help sharks

As well as signing up to news, you can help sharks by following our top tips below:

  • Don't buy products made from sharkThis includes shagreen and shark-leather goods, health and beauty products containing shark liver oil (squalene) and fresh shark teeth and jaws.

  • Avoid eating sharkParticularly watch out as shark meat is often sold in fish and chip shops under different names, for example as 'Rocksalmon' in the UK and as 'Flake' in Australia.

  • Never eat shark fin soup!

  • If a restaurant or shop near you sells shark, complain, and tell your friends!

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