The SEA LIFE Trust is a conservation charity working to protect turtle nesting beaches, fund turtle rescue and rehabilitation and combat threats of pollution and turtle hunting.

We want to conserve sea turtles by protecting their nesting beaches, halting both the targeted and accidental catch of turtles and supporting rescue centres around the world that return rehabilitated sea turtles to the wild.

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5 things you can do to help Sea Turtles

Follow these easy tips to do your part helping sea turtles throughout the world:

  • Don't buy products made with turtlesNever buy products made from sea turtles: jewellery, ornaments and even musical instruments are made from turtle shell. In Asia some Traditional Medicines are made from sea turtle.

  • Keep it sustainableOnly buy sustainably sourced seafood. In particular tuna unless it has been caught by pole & line. Other methods used to catch tuna kill lots of other animals including sharks, sea birds and sea turtles. 'Dolphin Friendly' is not necessarily turtle friendly!

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle your plastic rubbishIn particular try to avoid plastic bags - they can stay in oceans for decades and turtles (and other creatures) get caught up in them very easily. Use string or canvas bags instead and try to avoid products with excessive plastic packaging.

  • Be a responsible touristWhen you're on holiday, avoid turtle nesting beaches during nesting season and don't ride jet skis in areas where turtles are found. If you see a sea turtle from a boat, maintain a safe distance.

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