Andy Torbet’s plea for cleaner seas on World Oceans Day

08/06/2023 11:38:09

Professional underwater explorer and TV presenter Andy Torbet has joined conservation charity SEA LIFE TRUST as their newest ambassador.

The TV personality, stuntman and world-renowned diving expert will be helping to amplify the charity’s vital conservation and animal welfare messages, calling for more people than ever before to help protect our world’s oceans for generations to come.

It comes as the charity kicks off its 24-hour Global Beach Clean event, which sees hundreds of people from around the world hosting beach cleans and raising awareness about the crisis happening in our oceans.

Andy, who previously studied Zoology (BSc Hons), has presented on more than 20 TV series across the likes of BBC1, BBC2, CBBC, Discovery US and The History Channel. He has also produced and directed documentary films, as well as having been involved in films as an actor and stuntman.

Today, Andy continues to work as a specialist technical consultant on projects involving underwater, climbing, caving or skydiving filming, as well as championing conservation to help promote a brighter future for all.

Andy’s first campaign with the charity is supporting is the Global Beach Clean and highlighting the damage that plastic is causing in our oceans and the ecosystems within them. The event, held on World Oceans Day, is a pivotal time to talk about how people can help their local seas and waterways.

Research indicates that 52% of the world’s turtles have eaten plastic waste, after mistaking things like plastic bags for jellyfish or algae, which make up a large part of their diet. But plastic waste comes in all forms, and, often the deadliest are microplastics: tiny bits of plastic easily mistaken for food. When too many microplastics are ingested, it causes internal infections, blockages and eventually death (particularly amongst hatchlings).

The conservation of our oceans is vital for the survival of our planet: oceans make up nearly 70% of the Earth's surface, they supply more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb more than 30% of CO2 emissions.

  • Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists!
  • Over 80% of all the harmful pollutants in our oceans can be traced to human activities on land.
  • Every year, more than 1 million marine animals die from plastic debris in our oceans.

Andy Torbet, SEA LIFE TRUST ambassador, said:

“I have been exploring the underwater world, which makes up the majority of our planet, since I was 12. I have witnessed many of the wonders but also the problems.

“And now, as I take my own children into the ocean, I am more motivated than ever to help protect it.”

Andy joins fellow ambassadors Sarah Roberts, Jena Goldsack and Issa Batrane during an exciting time for the charity. Following this year’s Global Beach Clean, the team is now looking forward to championing conservation projects supported by SEA LIFE TRUST, currently taking place around the world.

Graham McGrath, Managing Director of SEA LIFE TRUST, added:

“We are absolutely delighted to have Andy on board to help share our vital message of ocean conservation, and how people can step up for the future of our seas.

“We can’t wait to start this journey together as we strive to reach as many people as possible, and make real change.

“Along with Sarah, Jenna and Issa, Andy completes our ‘quad-squad’ of passionate, committed and caring ambassadors bringing the SEA LIFE TRUST’s positive conservation work and inspirational change to wider audiences – engaging more and more people to help us protect our world’s oceans.

“I’m excited to see how, collectively, we can create a giant wave of change for the good of our planet and younger generations’ future.”