Our Ambassadors

Our SEA LIFE Trust Ambassadors make up a very important part of our team, helping to spread the word about protecting our oceans and how supporters can help us with our mission.

From marine experts to wide-reaching influencers who are campaigning for ocean life, you can meet them right here.


Sarah Roberts

Sarah combines a scientific background with the campaigning zeal of a journalist to sound a wake-up call to all on the urgent need to preserve our planet and wildlife.

Sarah splits her time documenting the work of small conservation organisations and projects in remote locations around the world and finding creative ways to connect children, adults and brands to the environmental issues these wild places face. 

She is passionate about sharing knowledge and highlighting positive solutions, on both a local and a global scale. Sarah holds a first class biological science degree in Animal Behaviour, with over ten years of experience working in the field alongside dangerous wildlife species, including sharks and grizzly bears. 


Author of: Somebody Swallowed Stanley, Somebody Crunched Colin & Somebody Woke Wilson (Scholastic books).

Jena Goldsack

Jena is a highly successful international fashion model and currently on the books with Europe’s leading modelling agency, Models 1.

Having grown up in Cornwall, not from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Jena has always had a natural affinity with the ocean. She is a qualified scuba diver and is deeply passionate about what she can do to positively contribute to ocean conservation.

During the Covid lockdown, Jena started studying ocean conservation and continues her online studies to this day. She became an Ambassador for the SEA LIFE Trust in 2022, and has visited the Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland where she shot a story for Vogue Magazine about the story of Little Grey and Little White. Her feature in Vogue helped raise awareness for the Sanctuary and you can read it here.