PLAYin CHOC® launches new sea animals conservation collection

01/03/2023 10:53:41

The brand-new Sea Animals Collection of ToyChoc Boxes® from multi, award-winning organic chocolate brand, PLAYin CHOC® is guaranteed to surprise and delight children from across the world when they launch this March. Featuring animal designs from stingrays to sharks and sea turtles to starfish, proceeds from each sale will benefit the SEA LIFE TRUST, protecting the world's oceans.

The sustainable and ethical chocolate company has collaborated with the SEA LIFE TRUST. The charity supplied the educational fun facts in each ToyChoc Box® to inspire budding ocean explorers to champion marine conservation and educate the next generation on the wonderful species that live in our oceans.

The ToyChoc Box® Sea Animal collection is made up of eighteen new 3D puzzle toys for children to assemble, all based on the beautiful marine life that lives in our world’s oceans. Included are sharks, jellyfish, a giant squid, crabs, octopus, orca whales, sea horses, pufferfish, seals, swordfish, sea turtles and the wonderful stingray, among others. The surprise of opening, building and playing with each one will see children wanting to learn about each sea animal and collect them all.

The new Sea Animals collection will be available to order from February 28th and will be available in SEA LIFE aquarium shops (the largest global aquarium chain) shortly thereafter.

The adorable, individual recyclable ToyChoc Boxes® will be loved by kids aged from three upwards. Each box contains two 10g natural, organic chocolates, a 3D sea creature puzzle toy to assemble and collect, as well as an educational, fun facts card that children can use to learn about sea creatures. It’s hoped that the boxes could be used in collaboration with a visit to a SEA LIFE aquarium or sanctuary to discover even more about the underwater world. Families can explore the breath-taking underwater tunnels and incredible up-close encounters at the exhibits, before taking home their toy to display and play with as the ultimate conservation souvenir of their day out.

Proceeds from each sale of this collection will go to the SEA LIFE TRUST conservation initiatives, so your child can enjoy a tasty treat whilst helping the SEA LIFE TRUST to rescue, rehabilitate, care for and release endangered sea creatures, including seals, sea turtles  and seahorses – all of which are  available to collect in the new range.

Parents can also rest assured that the treat they are giving their children is some of the kindest chocolate on the planet. PLAYin CHOC chocolates are organic, naturally allergy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan with a third less sugar than other leading chocolate brands. 

PLAYin CHOC launched in 2018 and has since won 34 awards for its organic, vegan chocolate and innovative and sustainable designs. The brand is committed to being slave free, plastic-fee, and ethically produced with the highest quality ingredients.

Its plant based organic recipe is made from just three plants: the finest Peruvian cacao 100% criollo beans, from small farm collectives, Indonesian creamed coconut and coconut sugar, and premium Madagascan Bourbon vanilla – so parents can be confident that they are giving their children the most natural, organic treat...and one that they will love.

Each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped for freshness, portion control, hygiene and portability. Each chocolate is wrapped in plastic-free home compostable plant cellulose which is also marine biodegradable. 

As PLAYin CHOC is all about JOY+HEALTH+PLANET, its brand is 100% recyclable, zero-waste and plastic free. Packaging is comprised of only paper-based carbon balanced recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable materials to ensure that nothing ends up in landfill or polluting the oceans.

The brand’s philosophy is one that aligns closely to the SEA LIFE TRUST charity and the wider SEA LIFE attractions, which makes this new collaboration a perfect match. SEA LIFE TRUST has a vision of oceans that are healthy, protected, and full of diverse, wonderful animals. The charity’s focus is to protect our  oceans and the amazing marine life within them.

The collectable Sea Animal ToyChoc Box® range will be available from selected SEA LIFE attractions and SEA LIFE TRUST Sanctuaries from March 2023, RRP £2 each.

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