World Ocean Celebration 2024

Thank you for visiting SeaLife today and supporting our mission to protect our world's oceans. 

Help us celebrate World Oceans Day by donating to the SEA LIFE TRUST via the link to our Just Giving fundraising page below.


We're Safeguarding Zebra Sharks

Together with ReShark, we’re working with a global network of public aquariums, researchers, local communications, government and conservation organisations.

Through the StAR breeding programme, we’re re-wilding zebra sharks back into marine protected areas of Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

We're Whale Warriors 

In partnership with the WDC we’ve created the world’s first Beluga Whale Sanctuary– a proud Guinness World Record holder!

An open water sanctuary that gives whales a safe space to swim, explore and interact freely in their natural environment.

Visit The Beluga Whale Sanctuary


We're Treasuring Turtles

Sadly, nearly all species of sea turtle are now classified as endangered. Through our animal rescue centre, we help rescue over 100 turtles across the UK, US, Asia and Australia every year.

We provide turtles in trouble the rehabilitation help they need to get back on their flippers and into the sea.


We're Seal Supporters

We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-wild grey seal pups from around our shores who need expert help and a place to stay.

Each year we provide sanctuary to around 70 seal pups who have been stranded on the Cornish Coastline. We successfully release most of our visitors back to the sea after some rest and recuperation, but some require extra special care and a permanent home with us.

Visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary


We're Reef Rescuers

The AZA-Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project (AZA-FRTRP) is a coral rescue and conservation network focused on the rescue, housing and future propagation of Florida corals affected by stony coral tissue loss.

Together, we’re creating a bio-bank of healthy corals to preserve genetic diversity for years to come.


We're Ocean Allies

We champion the need for plastic-free oceans and organizing the world’s largest 24-hour Beach Clean is one of the ways we look after our seas and shorelines.

Hundreds of volunteers take part in our annual Global Beach Clean, removing 1000s of kg of litter from the world’s beaches every year.


We're Seahorse Supporters

Working with the NSWDPI, universities and conservation specialists, we have introduced the world-renowned Seahorse Hotel Conservation Project.

Through this initiative, we’re providing a safe environment to seahorses and other wildlife, giving them a place they can call home.