S.O.S Squad

We need YOU to join our S.O.S SQUAD!

We’re calling on all SEA LIFE Trust supporters to Support Our Sanctuaries and become part of our new squad.

Support our RESCUE, REHABILITATION and RELEASE work by giving monthly and becoming a squad member!

Each year, our Cornish Seal Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases around 65 seals and our Beluga Whale Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases between 30-50 puffins and we need you to join our crew so we can continue to do this vital work for seals and puffins.



This is ****. He was bought into the SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary by a member of the public in August 2021 covered in diesel

Our team were unaware how long he had been like this or if he had ingested any of the fuel. Our care team carried out their initial inspections on him, including weighing him and allocating him a number and then *** was gently bathed to try and get the oil out of his little feathers. After his bath, his care continued in one of our special puffling hospital pens, where he was cautiously watched over by our team and fed around the clock. It’s important to make sure that puffling feathers are waterproof before release and after two weeks ***’s were so he was released back into the colony on the island of Vestmannaeyjar.



This is Fajita. He was bought into the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in March 2021 as he had swallowed pieces of a plastic bag. Fajita was rescued due to severe malnourishment and superficial wounds and could not swallow fish. After months of care at the seal hospital, Fajita went through the rehabilitation process to get a clean bill of health and was released back into the ocean in September 2021.


For £5 a month, you can become a squaddie; helping us to continue our vital work rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing seals and puffins.